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Metabolite of the month

In this new format, one of our scientists looks at one specific metabolite every month. Topics of discussion include the metabolites biosynthesis, fate, and its role or behavior in health and/or disbalanced states. In this month´s article, Alice took a closer look at the amino acid carnitine.

Virtual event

Katherine Black will present at the 2nd annual MANA conference - MANA 2020 virtual event on Advances in Targeted Metabolomics on September 16th, 2020 at 10:00 am eastern time.

Registration is open to everyone (registration to the actual virtual conference is not required). Join and learn about the physiological function of the tryptophan metabolism pathway in health and disease, with special focus on its role in monitoring treatment response of neurodegenerative disorders.

Can metabolomics crack the hardest nut in clinical research – Alzheimer’s disease? Stefan has been looking for answers to this question in an extensive article on metabolic pathways involved in Alzheimer´s disease pathology.

Focus articles
Here you find some recent articles applying metabolomics. For a more comprehensive collection please take a look at our Literature section.


Mitochondria´s role in clinical depression

Oncology - Hepatology

Elevated serum bile acid levels contribute to NASH-HCC

Microbiome - Cardiology

Gut microbiota and statins